A Billion Tons of Lumber

Another thing I left out from Thursday’s report was the delivery midday of the building supplies I’d ordered in anticipation of being ready to proceed with interior projects.


56 sheetrock panels, 45 2x4s, 5 6×6’s, assorted long pressure-treated beams, a bunch of strapping, a pallet of insulation, and a potpourri of 3/4″ pine stock in various widths for building our oven cabinet and linen closet, among other things.

BUT… I was flat-out both Thursday and Friday working on the siding with Reid, so the delivered goods just sat there — mercifully the sheetrock was well-wrapped in plastic for our monsoon downpours each afternoon. But today dawned clear and dry, and that stuff had to get into the house or otherwise under cover:







Marsh and I lugged it — the sheetrock into the house to various scattered locations (so as not to overstrain the floors), the lumber outside where it can be covered with tarps, the strapping divided between the upstairs and downstairs, the pine planks upstairs where I will set up for woodworking…

Pressure-treated (PT) beams sandwiched between our remaining rough-sawn 2x inventory

Five 6-foot 6×6 PT posts destined to hold up the porch

45 2x4s

Sheetrock in various locations



… and more upstairs, but it’s just boring sheetrock, and besides, my phone battery died before I could take pictures.

So tomorrow…

Day of rest and all that… HA! I laugh at your rest!

We shall pick a small subset of the infinite things, and begin to apply these precious materials — insulate and sheetrock the upstairs bathroom, for example; start construction of the oven cabinet for the kitchen; and so forth.

In between, for relaxation, we’ll groom the bunnies, walk the dogs, forage for blackberries, follow our buddies at the big scrabble tournament in Buffalo, plan next week’s tasks, and watch our garden grow.

It’ll be fun!