And Now A Word From Our Sponsor…

Three Bunny Farm was established August 21, 2014, in Troy, ME, with the construction of its first rabbit hutch:


Started two days previous, using solely salvage lumber from demolition projects in the main house, the building is actually designed to be half-rabbit hutch and half-chicken coop.


The rabbit portion, on the right, is generously covered in hardware cloth to facilitate the movement of air — rabbits, especially angoras for fibre, need to stay dry.


The design was significantly inspired by the classic book of build-it-yourself projects sent us back in the spring by our good friend Doug. I borrowed features from its three chicken coop and two rabbit hutch designs. The rest was ad hoc make-it-up-as-you-go-along construction, largely dictated by the wood I had available in our huge salvage pile.


The hinges and clasp on the rabbit access door were originally bought back in March when I thought I needed to build a door at the top of the basement stairs. Basement stairs which are no longer there. So much has happened! But I had kept the hardware.


It’s not finished — we beat the threat of rain this evening and got two of the rabbits in — the third has not been integrated yet and will spend a few more days acclimating from afar in a separate crate and pen.



We’ll finish the chicken side tomorrow or the next day — and the ultimate plan is to site this hutch within a larger perimeter of poultry fencing.

Rabbits for fibre, chickens for eggs. Greetings from Pipkin, Hazel, Fiver, and Three Bunny Farm.