August Here. Tick-Tock.

So, we did some things.

My wonderful sister Susan and her lovely husband Ric (and their beautifully trained dog Nick) visited yesterday, really just a flyby, but we were so very grateful that they were willing and able to take the time from their Maine vacation pergrinations to check out our adventure in the woods. Next time they come (next summer, I expect) things will be very different.

In time for their visit we had finished the gutting of the porch (previously mentioned here) and swept and vacuumed the 2nd floor, to forestall any horrible accidents occasioned by tripping over blocks of wood with nails sticking out of them. (That right there is a home improvement pro-tip.)

Today we finished the sistered joists across the kitchen ceiling, to firm up the second floor above — myself no longer flying solo, but with Marsh helping.

IMG_3519 annotated

Having an assistant proved to be an adjustment, and it took us three beams to figure out where her help was most useful. Of course there were only three beams to put up, so as usual by the end we were expert and ready to do more. So it goes.

Then — from the infinite list of infinite things — we chose to put in the kitchen back door.







In other news:

We harvested the first of our peas:


Yummy and we ate everything including the pods. There are more coming.

Burdock in bloom:


Dreadful burrs and an aggressive plant but a pretty thistle-like blossom.

Hubble image of billions and billions of galaxies:


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