chickadee bird on feeding sock

Blog Revival?

Inspired by Farmer-ish, I think I’ll reopen my conversation with the ether here. We have lots to think and talk about, and I don’t know — Facebook and the rest are just feeling wrong lately. Huge amounts of effort and treasure go into grooming social media for purposes and none of them are my purposes. Indeed, many of the purposes may be antithetical to my existence or to human existence generally. So fie on Facebook, except where it’s useful, like grocery lists and triggering my memory.

We’re on our big push to finish the upstairs bedroom. It’s our Christmas present to each other.

Then we pause on renovation, and lean into fiction. We have so many books to finish and publish. Empty the storage unit and recover $50/mo. Revive scrabble. Stop sleeping in the kitchen for the first time in nine years.

We’re consolidating our flock with Marsh’s sister’s. Details forthcoming.

We thought our last dumpster was the last. HAhahahahha.

That’s enough for now! I want to keep these relatively brief. Sometimes philosophical.

Fall in Maine.