But I Wouldn’t Want To Paint It

We have nesting goldfinches under the porch!


We’ll have to give that end a wide berth for a couple of weeks. What a beautiful nest.

True story: bought garbage stickers at the town office this morning, and when I went to pay, Amy (the assistant clerk) started to fill out the receipt and immediately wrote “Van Pelt” without any prompting. Sure, I’ve been in there three or four times in the past 4 months, but still. That’s small-town life.

A few minutes later I was at the Amish-run Community Market, and had a lovely chat with John Higgins about metalworking supplies and contractors, and we have the name of another metal-roof guy to call. It is getting to be critical that we resolve the roof as we are closing in on being able to start finish work inside. Or at least, I think that’s the light glimmering at the end of the tunnel.

(Edit: Marsh says the glimmering light might just be the holes in the roof.)

While there, a trim fellow with an Amish-like beard (but an un-Amish pickup truck parked outisde) was making various inquiries about merchandise and bought a few things. But there he was again at my next stop, the Tru-Value hardware in Unity! I felt pleased to notice, and be part of, a community that shops first where local craftsmanship is supported, and only goes to the national franchise if necessary, which was exactly why I was there.

Home again with more carriage bolts and lag bolts (and a fabulous whole wheat loaf fresh from the Amish oven), and started tightening up the beam in the kitchen from yesterday. Was not done before switching gears to design and erect a clothesline, using only materials I had on hand:


It works!


In between all that managed to throw together a chili for supper. But the dogs somehow received the bare minimum of ministrations today — we’ll make it up to them tomorrow.

Also tomorrow:

Tub and shower surround!
New toilet!
Sink and vanity!
Possibly meet a buyer for the gas water heater we ignorantly bought, and which didn’t fit!

And then we drive to civilization (AKA Fairfield/Benton) to pick up Homer’s preferred kibble (which we apparently should be importing by the silo), and maybe some lumberz.

A fractured, but good, day. More exciting carpentry pictures anon.