White to move, black to win.

In the game of chess that is Us vs. Life, that was our move today: Castling.

Consolidating behind a line of defense, temporizing while assessing our strong side and lines of attack, bringing the powerful rook toward the center.

I started the morning with this link from Marsh (and Storytelling Is A Magical, Ruthless Discipline. Not a bad way to set the tone for the day.

I am trying out Gantter, a plug-in for google drive, to convert our latest task list into a proper project plan. It’s pretty cool. Our key aim is pretty simple: have a common understanding of the dependencies among tasks.

We did a breakfast coffee run while it was still raining, and a grocery run at sunset as everything dried out and the frogs’ chorus drowned out everything else in the woods. We walked to the river and each brought back a stone.

I ordered the sink and toilet we wanted, ignoring a friend’s recommendation that we look at Toto too.

Toto too? Toto too.

Yeah, that joke has never been uttered before.

We bought five pots at the plant sale benefiting thoroughbred standardbred horse rescue.

We monitored a lamb birth, the fifth or sixth since we came here and the third this week. At points our hands were covered with lanolin and hormonal excretions. Our boots covered in mud, and worse. Still, it’s pretty special to witness life’s milestones like that.

Almost everything today was a “we,” which we enjoyed both implicitly and explicitly.

Somehow evening’s end came much sooner than expected.