Earth, Wind, and FIRE

Stayed in Buxton today.

Almost finished the bunneh hutch. Woke up realizing that I had built it backwards:



But, it was intentional, yeah, that’s the ticket… plus, it’s better! Yep, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

We’re going to hinge the top as a lid, instead of placing a hatch in the front face. Then we’ll see if this is the prototype that will have the bunnehs beating a path to our door.

Then Gloria completely hijacked my day by deciding to build a big brushfire in the yard (surrounded by puddles, and bracketed by periods of rain — also duly licensed by the town). So I spent from about 10:30 to 3:30 adding fuel in the form of branches and trunks and scrap wood from around the property, monitoring the structure and pace of the burn, sweeping the perimeter for coals and sparks, occasionally prodding and occasionally banking, and roasting marshmallows for luncheon s’mores.


Completely unexpected, this day became such a welcome respite. It was mostly sunny with occasional squalls, the sheep and dogs and chickens looked on curiously, my arms threatened to blister a couple of times if I got too close. The activity wasn’t too strenuous yet was completely consuming — five hours without thinking about mold or beams or siding or septic tanks! Plus, we made a significant “spring cleanup” dent in the farm and yard here — just what we’ll need to do at some point up in Troy. So a good primer, too.

Then the day ran off course a little when Glo — after being a responsible fire steward all afternoon — spilled hot oil on her arm in the kitchen. So we are well equipped with ointments and gauze and ice packs, and hoping everyone sleeps well. There was a big downpour near sunset so the last embers of the fire were doused, and all is well.

Back to Troy tomorrow — via Augusta to pick up a jack from Mark — Thursday the electrician — run the well some more and repeat the water quality test (the first was rejected because it was still chlorinated) — and start in on the BIG CLEANING JOB.

Ready set go.