Look! Up in the Sky!


Azure bluet or Quaker ladies.

Hi folks! I think we’re back online and back on track with the project and the blog. Now blogging from the camper facility on-site — Welcome!

It’s a lot harder to reconstruct several days’ worth of activity, so this may be a little disjointed.

Even though we delayed our move into the camper, it still didn’t have a fully functional electrical system (blown converter) and our planned toilet was still not installed in the house (it still isn’t). The only working electric was the 125-volt, which was a couple of lamps and the outlets. No hot water, no refrigerator. So we stocked up on ice in the cooler, boiled water to wash dishes, and generally roughed it for a couple of days.

Meanwhile I ordered the replacement converter, and today was able to pick it up and install it. Here’s what the old one looked like:

IMG_3005   IMG_3006

The new one looks pretty much the same. All I had to do was disconnect all those wires and reconnect them in the right places. A moment later and the camper came to life, with heat, hot water, lights, range hood fan — all the amenities.

We’re hoping this is the end of the tunnel in terms of our campering learning curve — after figuring out how to drain the greywater tank, how to open the windows, how to fit our stuff, how to fit the dogs, how to take a spongebath, how to clear the water lines of antifreeze, etc., etc.

I love learning curves, but I was getting eager to get back to the main event: the house.

Yesterday I tackled the bathroom floor in support of the plumber’s effort to get us a working indoor toilet.

Pulled up the old linoleum tile, finally:



First board roughly in place with the first cutouts:


We’ve also been learning our way around the area a bit more.

But still haven’t had a clear night to invite stargazing. Maybe tomorrow.