More ID Notes

Here’s the thing: we got here from that damned pocketwatch, that someone dropped in a field. Yes, it’s a marvelous design, intricate, ordained, functional — it could not have occurred by accident.

But nor is it accidental that when that analogy was first proposed, the gold pocketwatch was indeed the very pinnacle of human design to that date. And peculiarly, as a symbol, the pocketwatch is Western, masculine, affluent. Heck, even the little Monopoly® millionaire knows enough to carry a pocketwatch. If nothing else, it was plain that the forces arrayed against Darwinism were Big-E Establishment.

But that pocketwatch in the field was corroded, unworkable (if still discernible as something distinct from nature). Even a Timex would have at least still been running. And what about truly modern timekeepers! Digital, waterproof, able to be flown in outer space! And don’t get me started on quartz clocks, atomic clocks… hey, wait a minute! Do you mean to tell me that the atomic structure of the universe itself is the basis for our best timekeeping? Perhaps even design can come full circle.

I came across this quartz crystal lying in a field…