Plus ça Change…

We seem to be returning to a Zen state, which is a good thing, because Camper Move-In Day isn’t happening now until next Wednesday.

But the Zen state is itself occasioned by a gradual narrowing of our focus (on the house project, as we get past all the Camper Set-Up Things), plus the attendant expectation of slightly greater bandwidth once we are on-site full-time.

Joe the Electrician narrowed down the problem to the power converter, which handles 125V AC when it’s available, and converts it to 12V DC for those appliances that need it. His expertise does not extend to component electronics. But we’re very sure that’s where the problem lies.

Now, you may say — “aren’t you renting this camper? Shouldn’t the owner handle this?” Perhaps. And it’s complicated :-). I will talk to him tomorrow. Meanwhile I went to a RV parts place, and they would have happily sold me a converter if only I had made a note of its make/model. Silly me, I thought the year/make/model of the camper itself would have been sufficient. But apparently the innards are widely customized and would depend on where and by whom the camper was outfitted. Another in the long list of things I have learned in the past three months!

Meanwhile the plumber quit for the day after burning out several bits trying to get through the basement wall for a sillcock. A second sillcock is about the last thing we need (though it will be nice to have during the summer months for dogs and gardens), but he had fixated on it and gotten all frustrated. His truck needs servicing tomorrow, and he’s off Saturday and Sunday (go figure!) — leaving Monday-Wednesday for the completion of the four-day plumbing project that started three days ago.

But he’s my neighbor, does VERY neat work, and we care about this relationship for a variety of reasons. Wednesday it is.

Also meanwhile, there is a ton of rain forecast for the next few days. So for all these reasons, and others, we relaxed about moving up to the camper Saturday. The toilet I was going to buy today, we’ll buy tomorrow. We may make a trip up Sunday to determine the make/model of the power converter, and finish hooking up the propane with an adapter I had to order. And Tuesday we’ll be able to attend niece Nora’s concert (flute).

Anyway, I did get a vanload of stuff moved up to the camper today; back in Buxton I made more progress on the basement door repair ahead of the forecast storm, setting the sill and grading the earth outside around a new slate slab we brought down from Troy for the purpose. It doesn’t seem like much, but allow me my conceits on a day that I basically got myself exhausted by driving all over the place.