Post Doc


The concrete piers having cured for 5 and 6 days respectively, I put up the permanent support posts in the basement today — but have not yet pulled down the middle post on its jack, pending tying the load-bearing beam through with 10 1/2-inch bolts. (Its three sandwiched 2×6’s are just joined with nails presently.)

Here are the two bases:

IMG_3127   IMG_3126

The difference in texture of the concrete: one is Quikrete, which has more gravel, and the other is Sakrete. No effective difference in strength for this application. The posts are fastened with lag bolts.

What else.

It rained most of the day. The plumber worked on the final pieces of the house drain system.

I found I needed a 1/2-inch chuck drill for the aforementioned bolts, and hied me to the hardware store (because of course I need TWO drills). And on the way home, stopped at the Amish “Community Market,” about which more another time. I do feel a strong empathy for the Amish, based on my slim acquaintance with them so far. They seem direct, strong, uncomplicated but not unsophisticated.

We did not get our next rectangle of garden dug and planted.

We have been in the camper two weeks.