The new phase resumes tomorrow: Hard-core gutting. Mark, the pro-builder friend of Marsh’s sister who is advising me on certain matters, will now come by on Sunday. I aim to have as much as possible open to inspection by then.

Meanwhile, today we planned, talked, planned, argued, sketched…. A day away from the job site is still far from restful, but not driving five hours is a welcome break.

We also made some progress researching campers and motorhomes, and have a couple that look worth following up on. Several of these have emerged through 2nd- and 3rd-degrees of separation among local family and friends, which lends a really interesting and supportive sense of community.

That Marsh has been writing and thinking about writing in recent days is immensely encouraging. It’s never about the house and property per se. As long as we have and can pursue the purposes of our minds (singly and collectively) and can discern the heart’s desire that resides in creating worlds of wonder, I can handle anything regarding the house — its own world of wonder, yes, but for all that, merely a vehicle.

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