Hi, Amelia!

We love you, we really do. It is such great fun to know that people near and far, connected through curious and curiouser ways, are following our travails and wishing us well. It’s Been Two Weeks When last we met, Mark had parachuted in to get us rolling with our vinyl siding. Well, he worked …

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The Tim Dynasty

Brother-in-law Tim returned to us on Friday and is still here on Monday night. That’s devotion (or insanity). But with great gratitude I tried very hard to let him do the high stuff so I wouldn’t reinjure my shoulder. We all three worked 10-hour days and continued to make incredible progress on the interior. Here …

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New Rituals

The day was cool and blustery, finishing with rain. A kind of day I used to call an “Eagle Harbor day.” Eagle Harbor, Mich., on Lake Superior where I summered as a kid at my grandparents’ house and where my parents and uncle still have summer homes (though my parents are selling theirs). An Eagle …

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Life Used To Be So Hard

Project du jour: Continue on the bathroom. Goal: Finish with the tub in position, leveled and test-fit, ready for plumber next week. Steps: Vacuum and sweep obsessively. Cut and install rock wool (Roxul) insulation. Pad where necessary with 1-1/2″ styrofoam panel insulation. Call electrician for advice on how to handle existing wires. Measure, cut, and …

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