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The concrete piers having cured for 5 and 6 days respectively, I put up the permanent support posts in the basement today — but have not yet pulled down the middle post on its jack, pending tying the load-bearing beam through with 10 1/2-inch bolts. (Its three sandwiched 2×6’s are just joined with nails presently.) …

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White to move, black to win. In the game of chess that is Us vs. Life, that was our move today: Castling. Consolidating behind a line of defense, temporizing while assessing our strong side and lines of attack, bringing the powerful rook toward the center. I started the morning with this link from Marsh (and …

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The day didn’t set out to have a theme but in retrospect it’s obvious. 1. The U-Boxes We made our noon appointment at U-Haul in Augusta, though for unknown reasons they’d been expecting us since 11. At any rate, the four pods were out and accessible in a medium-sized garage bay, interspersed with two or …

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