Testing IFTTT

It doesn’t look like IFTTT includes Google Plus… wtf. Anyway… this should automatically share to facebook, and then automatically tweet @verbalobe. But while I’m here I’ll make a real update.

It’s Saturday, the day to catch up on 2 rainy days, a birthday day, and a migraine day. It’s sunny and bright and feels like it’s going to be warm. The dogs are relatively calm.

photo (8)


On the agenda:

  • pick strawberries photo (10)
  • finish rough framing of upstairs closetphoto (12)
  • frame pipe soffit in upstairs bathroomphoto (13)
  • frame in kitchen wall photo (14)
  • frame in bathroom wall for tub and closet
  • if time: start shimming shower enclosure for true angles
  • possible trip to Waterville for a few kiln-dried 2x4s? not needed today
  • possible receive manure from Reid, though we haven’t heard from him
  • move stacks of oak trim off porch
  • do some loads of debris into dumpster

Most of that framing is in order to be ready for the electrican who comes Monday to wire the house!

Yesterday my wonderful brother-in-law made a craigslist pick-up for me of a roll of Kerdi waterproof membrane which I plan to use under the bathroom tile floor. Been studying up on the right order of operation. More on that later.

I think we have blueberry plants here and there, but not in bloom yet so not sure. Native high-bush. Fingers crossed. Meanwhile the masses of blackberry blossoms have given way to masses of proto-seed-cluster-berries, but we’ve been warned not to count on all of that ripening. Depends on pollinators.


I’m mourning the passing earlier this month of my gradeschool music teacher in England, Dennis Hunt of Sussex House Preparatory Academy. He had perhaps the largest influence on me of any of the faculty at Sussex House, and I have incredibly rich memories of singing in the school’s boy’s choir, briefly as a soprano and then as an alto, as well as joining other schools at some of the great cathedrals of England to form large choirs of 300 and more voices. To have sung masses, Handel’s Messiah, coronation anthems, Britten, Vaughn Williams, other liturgies, and more, in settings like St. Pauls, Chichester, etc., was an experience of a lifetime. And Dennis was one of those rare masters who could keep a sense of fun while demanding order, and on top of that engender a passion for learning. In the top grade (6th Form) I became Head Chorister — and not for outstanding musicality, I assure you. To have had any such figures in one’s life is to HAVE a life. I will never forget him.