That’s More Like It

Okay — with refinements, I can take days like today. I think we both could.

The routine begins to take shape. Up a bit later than planned, due to COLD RAINY COLD. But then generous walks of all the dogs to start their day strong and get ahead of their boredom.

I tackled some writing — my immediate plan for income is to return primarily to graphics, but I have two short stories that are this close to being ready for submission, so I decided to get them out. I picked the readiest and easiest, took the time to read what I had so far, and noodled on the finish. Made much progress. Put it aside but — and this is highly significant — thought about it the rest of the day. This may be the most important aspect of the day, in fact: we must have the capacity to build strength on strength, in multiple domains. To design while pouring concrete, to plan the framing of walls while drawing, to plot while mowing and develop character while pulling nails.

It’s been a long time since we could really devote ourselves to one thing for a sustained period, let alone enjoy that effect of compounding the work.

Late morning the rain abated and we had some fun trying to get Homer and Sagan acclimated! The biggest and smallest of our beasts. No idea if we made any real progress, but both of them got enough stimulation and activity that they were calm for the rest of the day.

Here’s the panel I added to the dog pen so it would contain Sagan:


Then I got warmed up by knocking together a sieve to use for improving our soil.


And then got to real work pouring the concrete piers in the basement for the support columns.

The pedestal form:


The first hole in the basement:


The poured pedestal with the embedded brace for a 4×4 column:


Tomorrow promises to be sunny. Tonight, clear — and I’m off to peek at the stars. Good night!