Well Begun Is Half Done

Thank you, Mary Poppins!

Because I made yeoman’s progress on half a dozen enterprises, but finished not a one. This threatened to distress me, but tomorrow cometh.

Went to Augusta to pick up kitchen and bathroom appliances, but the kitchen appliances took more room than I remembered, so the bathroom appliances will have to wait.

Meanwhile the kitchen appliances are still in the van, because HEAVY AND UNWIELDY (them) and EXHAUSTED (me).

Also brought back the 4×4 posts I needed for the basement support columns (finally!) but did not install them. See EXHAUSTED, above.

I did get the bathroom subfloor down in the upstairs, but no pic tonight. The plumber will redrill the toilet drain hole, work for which he threatens to charge me extra. We are developing a good rapport 🙂

Speaking of the plumber, he thinks it’s ridiculous and a damn shame that Westerns — or indeed all movies, generally — never show anyone going to the bathroom or needing to go to the bathroom (excepting the occasional exploding outhouse caper, and any Austin Powers flick). But, as he says, you can’t have everything.

Once I was home from my half-resolved expedition, I followed Marsh around like a puppydog doing her bidding (did I mention EXHAUSTED?) and we got another section of “lawn” cleared, mown, and surveyed for possible placement of a closthesline. Well out of sight of the road, of course.

Site of the future not-at-all-improvised clothesline

Then we dug up Garden Plot #2, which I will have to explain at more length another time. Suffice to say we now have 10 feet of gravel leading up the door of the camper; tomato and snap pea seeds are in the ground; we’re discussing fencing; and we’re very satisfied that our garden efforts this year are apporopriate to our circumstances, are using materials on hand, and regardless of results will form a useful foundation for next year, when we’ll be able to give it more attention.

Rectangle gardening

As a final thrilling footnote to tonight’s entry: we noticed the Christmas tree my parents gave us from Massachusetts, and which hadn’t been very happy when we planted it, is sporting new growth!


One tree at a time.