A Key Piece

Or, Doing More with More.

Some weeks ago, observing this Maine project of ours from afar, and having heard me express an interest in eventually getting a pickup truck, my parents offered us their Dodge Caravan minivan. They were due to replace it, they said, and were willing to forgo the trade-in value if we were interested in having a second car with more hauling capacity. Yes!

So today is the day. With much gratitude I’m off in minutes to bus to Springfield MA, where I will see my folks and my younger sister who lives nearby and will swing by for a visit; and then drive back to Buxton ME in the van.

It’s good timing. We’ll be on-site in a camper in 10 days (we hope) and will be actively running local errands from there, getting building supplies, appliances through craigslist, landscaping materials, etc. We’re very grateful.

Sometimes you have to take a break from the work at hand, in order to accomplish more work more betterer.