A Really Good Day

Ever had a really good day? Was it anything like mine?


Got our Maine tags.

Ordered lumber, which will be delivered next week. Not from a national chain builder depot-type store — rather, a hole-in-the-wall place I almost missed driving by, where the guy I spoke with had the same name as the business, where the door opens onto a long barn-like space filled with saw trestles loaded with whole tree trunks and smelling of cedar and fir and spruce, my nose infused with wood dust aromatics. The real real deal.

Walked the property with the plumber, who also happens to be our neighbor.

Came home in time to give my nieces a ride from the bus stop saving them about 40 paces.


Later Marsh and Gloria fetched the bunnies from their hutch and we all communally groomed and sexed them. They’re just old enough (THE BUNNIES, THAT IS) to tell their organs apart fairly reliably, but still it can be tricky and is worth having several people double-check (if you don’t want more kittens soon, that is). We joked after that the NSA now knows we’re into rabbit porn from our browser search logs.

After dinner I got to cuddle with Homer on the futon for a few minutes.


I find myself surrounded with good friends, families, partnerships, friendly neighbors, good people, good critters. Love abounds.