A Series Matter

We’re both sucking down chicken soup, Marsh on account of some throat/cold thingie, and myself out of an abundance of caution. Neither of us feel we can afford to miss workdays. At all.

We have this project plan, in a real Gantt chart format (unfinished), and it is supposed to help us discern which tasks are prerequisites for others. It does that.

What it also shows is that there is a vast raft of tasks that are not dependent on any prerequisites, and thus could have all been done yesterday. Or today.

But of course these add up to many more than two days of work — and at least in my case, I’m only one person. Which leads me to the following pithy apothegm:

The trouble with not being able to do everything all at once is that you have to do it a bit at a time; but the good thing about that is that when you’ve completed one bit, the next bit jumps up and says “me me me!” which is pretty irresistible.

Herb kit direct from White Flower Farm:


Oh, I started a stone wall, too:




The things we did:

  • Planted the perennials we bought at the Buxton plant sale
  • Brought in a few more grocery ‘staples’ like rice to keep us fed in the camper
  • Planted the herbs which came as the 2nd half of the gift certificate from my mom
  • Framed and poured the concrete pier for the 2nd support beam in the basement
  • Reorganized the porch some, putting the wifi router by the window for better reception in the camper
  • Consolidated all the dry-brush raking Marsh has been doing, and started a real earnest burning pile for when we get around to securing a fire permit
  • Moved a bunch of pink board insulation into the basement and bought liquid nails to put it up with. At the same time freed up access under the porch (where the board had been stowed) for eventually rehabbing the porch support structure.

So what’s next? The second floor: Clean squirrel poop (“flying squirrel poop” might give the wrong impression); put up screening on the attic ridge board, against hornets and bats; put up cross braces (collar ties) across the roof battens….

And yes, truth be told, I’d been procrastinating on the squirrel poop. But having disposed of some of the list that is not dependent on other things — I’m eager!