And Then I Wrote This Post

And Then I Wrote This Post

Morning dawned demolishment.

Reid (unseen) smashing a sledge at the rotted siding from the inside.

Midmorning, and all the siding is gone; starting from the northwest corner, the rotted studs are replaced and the new kitchen window is roughed in.

The unconventional framing below the window allowed us to not tamper with the existing electrical wiring and plumbing — saving $$.

Late morning, and the first of a pair of windows is roughed in — we decided to move over the old kitchen window next to its mate.


Proceeding down the wall, the second window (of the pair) is roughed in and the remaining studs replaced up to the junction with the porch.


After lunch, we move outside and start re-siding the new frame.



The boarding boards creep up over the window openings — they’ll be cut away later.


It was during this time that I managed to short out the camper outlet. Twice. So we’re running bare necessities (laptops, coffee maker) off of an extension cord tonight. Electrician coming tomorrow.


Quitting time:


The renewed kitchen from the inside:


There’s lots more I’ve missed telling about from the past few days, but this is about what I can manage tonight. Stay tuned!


Good night!

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