About Three Bunny Farm

We are two people-persons who wear, from time to time, many hats: author, artist, farmer, house rehabber, cook, explorer, citizen naturalist, dreamer, cartographer, friend-of-dogs.

This site is about all of that and more. To stay up-to-date on our published work (lesbian historical, paranormal, queer, and contemporary romance, sci-fi, and fantasy), do please subscribe to the newsletter.

We work from a crooked cottage in central Maine, on crooked land with sheep paddocks, chicken coops, rabbit hutches, running streams, and a microclimate that keeps us (and the meteorologists) guessing.

The Bunnies

There really were three bunnies at Three Bunny Farm, but because bunnies can’t count very well, this has changed in the past and might change in the future. They were all individuals. Currently there is just one rabbit, Eloise, a mostly black rex.

The original three angoras:

Fiver was the oldest and liked radishes and hay. Her fur was a soft light brown color. She loved watching the sheep.

Sherlock poked his head up like a gopher. He also played dead, scaring everyone once a week or so. Then he would run around gleefully. He was a slightly darker brown with white patches. He reminded us of Rumpole of the Bailey, with his imperious attitude and bushy sideburns.

Cady was about the same age as Fiver and had gorgeous silver-to-black fur.