Rehabbin’ Cabin

New Rituals

The day was cool and blustery, finishing with rain. A kind of day I used to call an “Eagle Harbor day.” Eagle Harbor, Mich., on Lake Superior where I summered as a kid at my grandparents’ house and where my parents and uncle still have summer homes (though my parents are selling theirs). An Eagle …

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Mini Update

Weekend Among other things, we got a fence up around our baby vegetable garden: The peas are extremely happy and we expect to harvest a bunch tomorrow in order to spur continuing crops. Even at half-size the peas and even the pods are so sweet and delicious right off the vine. We also have three …

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Life Used To Be So Hard

Project du jour: Continue on the bathroom. Goal: Finish with the tub in position, leveled and test-fit, ready for plumber next week. Steps: Vacuum and sweep obsessively. Cut and install rock wool (Roxul) insulation. Pad where necessary with 1-1/2″ styrofoam panel insulation. Call electrician for advice on how to handle existing wires. Measure, cut, and …

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