Kids these days wouldn’t have a stamp squirreled away from 2007 like I did. 2007 is when the ‘Forever’ Liberty Bell was introduced, which only cost $.41. Today’s ‘Forevers’ will set you back $.60. By Grabthar’s hammer, what a savings. Of course, kids these days don’t have to use physical mail at all anymore. Nobody …

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Shearing Day 2021

Big day here on the farm! As you may know, we’d taken steps to teach ourselves to shear, and even invested in some equipment, but were only able to take it so far — obstacles included our own time, energy, know-how, and the quality of the equipment. We got two lamb boys “sheared” back in …

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The aracaunas, pretending it’s time for a spring dustbath, even though they haven’t resumed laying yet. None of the chickens have, and they’re about a month delayed. Casting about for ways to kickstart them, though my inclination is ‘they’ll lay when they lay.’ We’re hoping there isn’t an underlying problem. They certainly seem healthy in …

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Get to Know a Sheep

I’ve been hanging out with sheep a lot since arriving here in Maine.  My sister had thirteen when we arrived; an immediate fourteenth was born, and now there are sixteen.  There will be more.  They are raised for both fiber and meat.* When I first got here, they were a mass of baaing fuzzy beasts …

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