Workin’ It

Got out early with Tim, and arrived chez moi about 8:45, ahead of the dumpster delivery. As it turned out, well ahead of the dumpster delivery. It was raining, and had been pouring and gusting (there was a tree down on the way up our road), so it was a good opportunity to inspect the …

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Quantum Surprise

Somewhere, a radioactive element will decay and throw off a particle, resulting in my certain astonishment. Until then, it’s like this: Each new contractor we speak with pushes the envelope on what I thought we meant by “gutting.” First, the heating engineer talked about hot-air ducts of various diameters needing to reach the second floor …

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The Thaw

A first: today I went up to work on the property NOT wearing my longjohns. (You might ask, how can you tell which property is not wearing your longjohns? Well, in brief… but I digress.) In other news: We had a pretty great day. Marsh and I did the 2.5-hr commute, with Annie and Homer, …

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