We’ve talked many, many times about using cloth towels and rags in place of paper towels, and despite sounding like a smart idea, it has never taken hold (with me). This time we (Marsh) bought like a 50-pack of towels, bar-mop style towels. When they arrived, they seemed smaller and flimsier than we’d been picturing, …

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The aracaunas, pretending it’s time for a spring dustbath, even though they haven’t resumed laying yet. None of the chickens have, and they’re about a month delayed. Casting about for ways to kickstart them, though my inclination is ‘they’ll lay when they lay.’ We’re hoping there isn’t an underlying problem. They certainly seem healthy in …

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In 2018 we had a lovely potato harvest (Kennebec), about 50 lbs. I let them cure 2-3 days, then stowed them in our basement, which keeps at 55% humidity and about 55 degrees F. Unfortunately, the basement is not completely dark, though I sealed them from the light as well as I could. But the …

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Mt. Holyoke Range

By Patricia Van Pelt Guest post, first published in The Lathrop Nor’Easter, Summer 2017. “It was reported that the SAT (standardized college admissions test) was to remove unfamiliar and unused words” Each morning I walk up to the St. Mary cemetery and look out to the distant skyline of the Mt. Holyoke range. The flow of this range, …

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8,760 Hours

Happy Adventureversary, indeed. A year after first seeing the house, almost halfway through our first winter here. A winter that began with an evacuation — “race for the hills! no, leave the goldfish!” — our mad dash out of a camper whose metal walls had begun to radiate cold with a fierce foreboding. Into an …

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On the verge of a Rehabbin’ Cabin epiphany. While working on the steps from the back door, I had a distinct thought: this is not me. Meaning: as much as I’ve enjoyed the renovation — and I do particularly enjoy the rough carpentry — it’s not something I want to do forever. Not for a …

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Winter’s Eve

Unofficially, we’re in the house and out of the camper. Notably, we emptied the storage ‘pods’ (U-Boxes) and they’re getting picked up on Tuesday. And my dad might visit Thursday! But one of the driving forces behind the latest moves is the weather: snow tonight and tomorrow, and temps around 20F on Monday night. It’s …

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Hi, Amelia!

We love you, we really do. It is such great fun to know that people near and far, connected through curious and curiouser ways, are following our travails and wishing us well. It’s Been Two Weeks When last we met, Mark had parachuted in to get us rolling with our vinyl siding. Well, he worked …

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