John Van Pelt

a human figure in a spacesuit, seeming to float in space


“Space isn’t remote at all. It’s only an hour’s drive away if your car could go straight upwards.” – Fred Hoyle Everything I learn about cosmology, physics, and space science increases my understanding of even the smallest thing around me — the air, the light, the life of trees and of mold, creatures great and …

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We’ve talked many, many times about using cloth towels and rags in place of paper towels, and despite sounding like a smart idea, it has never taken hold (with me). This time we (Marsh) bought like a 50-pack of towels, bar-mop style towels. When they arrived, they seemed smaller and flimsier than we’d been picturing, …

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Father’s Day 2016

Had a first visit here at Three Bunny Farm from my eldest, her husband, and her 11-month-old boy. We’d been thinking about this day for many months, and it was everything we could have hoped. Eleven months is pretty young to form lasting impressions, though, even of baby lambs and crowing roos and flooffy bunnehs, …

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More ID Notes

Here’s the thing: we got here from that damned pocketwatch, that someone dropped in a field. Yes, it’s a marvelous design, intricate, ordained, functional — it could not have occurred by accident. But nor is it accidental that when that analogy was first proposed, the gold pocketwatch was indeed the very pinnacle of human design …

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