Elizabeth True

Wish Upon His Heart

Mercy Lake Magic, Book One. Ellie is still learning the rules as the newest member in her family’s long line of fairy godmothers. It’s rewarding work making people’s dreams come true, but it can be lonely, too. When Ellie accepts an assignment to give businessman Westin all the birthdays he missed out on as a …

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Wish Crossed

Garnet Jefferson, kid sister to Ellie (Wish Upon His Heart, Mercy Lake Magic Book 1), isn’t a kid anymore by the time her wish-granting magic awakens. And as both a late bloomer and a compulsive planner, she thinks she should have mastered fairy godmothering by now. Why isn’t the magic clicking? How are there so …

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Wish In a Bottle

Andrea Jefferson has felt cursed since she was eight and threw a bottle with a message into Mercy Lake.  But 20 years later the lake has spit it back out, right into the hands of Nick, a handsome divorced man from across the country, summering next door with his two little boys. Unlike her cousin …

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