Took a planning and organizing day today, so I will cheat and just copy-and-paste a slightly edited version of our list for the week.

Obviously it’s more than we can do in a week:


  • compress contents of dumpster
    • paneling
    • water heater
    • expansion tank
    • wood debris from land
    • etc
  • pile of pulled-down insulation upstairs
  • remaining chases and crannies on 1st floor


  • buy or borrow (gloria?) steel rod for probing
  • cut waste line in basement, probe outside with wire/flashlight
  • Call plumber with result


  • get shock/test kit from Waldo Oil & Propane — when it comes in, follow directions


  • remove all remaining pipes through house and in basement. cut at will
  • remove water heater and expansion tank
  • reposition cinder blocks for new tanks
  • continue shopping for water heater


  • finalize(-ish) layouts of bathroom and kitchen, with goal of having plumber include roughing those in along with other plumbing work
  • At minimum: toilet, sillcocks
  • order container (?)
  • schedule pods delivery (?)


  • call electrician to confirm 30Amp on camper
  • schedule work


  • get medium stepladder
  • look up in attic, catalog issues
  • scrape poop areas, clean major remnants of paper/staples/plastic/fibre/etc

2nd floor

  • clean major remnants of paper/staples/plastic/fibre/etc
  • catalog issues
  • broom clean (keep debris from ducts)
  • mark out floorplan

inner staircase

  • start to take down
  • block floors as needed for safety

main floor

  • clean major remnants of paper/staples/plastic/fibre/etc
  • catalog issues
  • broom clean (keep debris from ducts)
  • mark out walls/doors/appliances/counters (rough)
  • Move pink board to outside secure storage
  • pull up old bathroom linoleum tile
  • pull up rotted shower platform blocks
  • remove toilet


  • start to remove inside vinyl siding
  • start to remove window
  • (future planning: keep which windows?)
  • start taking down plywood sheathing


  • final decision camper location
  • preliminary decision kennel location — set it up
  • incorporate extra fencing roll?
  • Start map project
  • gate/chain/log to block tote road


  • get modest load of pressure treated lumber
  • build two steps in bulkhead
  • clean out crappy foam board insulation (?)
  • disassemble/destroy/remove wood stove

I basically have three four-hour days this week — Monday we’re getting our Maine driver’s licenses (goodness knows how long that will take), and Thursday I’m going to Massachusetts to collect my Dad’s van on “permanent loan.”

VERY soon then we’ll have (a) two vehicles, and (b) a camper set up on site, which will VASTLY increase the amount we can do in a day.