Marvel, quite pleased with how things have worked out.

Kids these days wouldn’t have a stamp squirreled away from 2007 like I did. 2007 is when the ‘Forever’ Liberty Bell was introduced, which only cost $.41. Today’s ‘Forevers’ will set you back $.60.

By Grabthar’s hammer, what a savings.

Of course, kids these days don’t have to use physical mail at all anymore. Nobody really does. There goes the last advantage to being an old.

I confided to Marsh yesterday that my one most fervent childhood wish for myself, my ambition, was to grow up without losing what I identified as my “childlikeness.”

What was it? I’m not sure I knew, except that an awful lot of the grownups around me seemed to be missing theirs.

Anyway, I thought of this the other day (Oct. 16, for the calendar-minded among us) when we decided to move a couple of ewes in with the ram in the ram’s paddock, so that nature could take its course in a controlled environment rather than barreling through fences and tarps (as it — he — had been doing) and resulting in many, many more lambs next spring (he hadn’t gotten this far, yet) than we really want. Four lambs from this new family unit we could manage.

At one point in the process of performing this move, I found myself facedown in the mud after losing my grip on a skittish ewe weighing perhaps 240 lbs. And it really felt like glorious fun, in a grim, determined sort of way. As long as I hadn’t struck my bad shoulder everything was cool. Dungarees launder. Farm gloves dry out.

The closer I get to all the real work of managing a flock, the more I like it. And constantly having adventures is part of being a kid.