Comet Friday

Today took a wide arc around one chill end of the Solar System, accelerated toward the sun, and burned up on entering the atmosphere of a planet — a planet inhabited entirely by sheep.

We had a laid-back morning, gathering our wits, writing lists, etc.

Jaunted out to A Superstore and a Home Lumberyard, and came back with various necessities, including a fleece bed for Homer which he seems only to recognize as a chew-toy.

Within a minute of getting home, a neighbor boy named Isaac politely informed us that three of Glo’s sheep (the three rams) were in his yard. We dashed about semi-effectually, Gloria called in from the car en route home to give instructions, and by the time she came in to the horse paddock I had two rams back under the fence where they had escaped, and she helped with the third. Then we dashed about some more shoring up fencing and moving gates and wire and wood pallets.

Then a horse freaked out and crashed through a different part of the fence — rinse and repeat.

In the middle of all this a few of the ewes also escaped, and were quickly rounded up.

My god, the newborn lambs are sooooo cute. For the record!

We then helped shuffle all the ewes and their babies into various shelters for the coming rainy weekend.

I’m not sure what happened the rest of the afternoon, but I finished some door repairs and ate a good supper, so it wasn’t all bad. I would divide the day into “Strategizing For Troy” and “How Do You Like Farming NOW, Suburbs Boy??”

IMG_3016   IMG_3015

We priced toilets and bathroom vanities; wrote the start of a project list which will help us track prerequisites and dependencies; and made an introductory call to a relative’s relative who may be the right sort of builder to help us with the roof things. He will come over late next week to see the house and give an estimate.

We tried to complete some obamacare things, but went down.

I spoke with Alexis.

I had some very welcome snuggles with Homer.

Tomorrow the monsoons come, and I will make adjustments to the back door here in Buxton to eliminate flooding over the sill.

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