Book cover for The Sum of Love

Cover Reveal

THE SUM OF LOVE is a new time-bending romance from OLIVIA LARK, author of lesbian historicals DAISY CROWN and LAVENDER INN.

Faith Spaulding is a math prodigy stuck on her uncle’s farm in 1895.  Hollis Davis is a wisecracking bike messenger in 2020, just getting over a breakup. Obviously, to have met at all is the unlikeliest of impossibilities – let alone to have found true love together.  Now they’re facing some of the deepest puzzles about the nature of time and space that the universe has to offer. 

Between Faith’s genius and Hollis’s sass, will they uncover an answer allowing them to keep the greatest thing they’ve ever known?  Or will they end up stuck on opposite ends of time, never knowing of each other’s existence?

Available Feb. 14 on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited, and in print, via Amazon.