Episode Null

Some days on Starship USS Enterprise nothing happened. No aliens were encountered, no deep-space anomalies, no floating wreckage from a time rift…. But still, the crew did something on those days.

That’s what we did today. The necessary things that get done on down days.

We shopped for a crate to replace Annie’s cracked and dangerous crate, failed, and ended up ordering one on-line when we got home.

We went to Goodwill to find jeans for me, and succeeded.

We drew floorplans of the bedroom floor of the house, and came up with a layout I like very much but which would (might?) require relatively expensive alterations to the heating system. So I have a simplified version to work on.

I began to noodle on the budget for the next two months, but didn’t get very far.

With Gloria and family we planned for, and shopped for, a Mother’s Day outing and picnic tomorrow. This will be the first time in a long while that I have not gone up to Troy two days running.

I went on two nice walks with Homer. He turns six months tomorrow.

We talked a lot about the next steps to finishing the repairs on the basement door in this house (Buxton), but eventually I slacked off and did nothing. Probably a poor choice, as tomorrow will likely be a wash — when we get back from the Mother’s Day outing, there will need to be an intensive cycle of dogs let out into the yard, obviating any work on the door.

We ordered two items from White Flower Farm using the gift certificate that Marsh got from my parents for her birthday last year. The delay was propitious, as we were able to select an herb package and a begonia that we think will fill some needs in Troy.

A lazy day with family — Marsh under the weather — time to let some of our discussions compost, as it were.