Field of Prompts

If you discard it, they will come and write.

ASSIGNMENT: Write a flash screenplay in the style of Quentin Tarantino or Stephen King, based on the following prompt:

PROMPT: You have bought a deserted cabin in the woods, as is, sight unseen. On the fourth spring day after the thaw, you’re raking up what seems to be five year’s worth of pine needles in the side yard, and you come across a very degraded wad of plastic, under which have been concealed:

  • A two-foot-long hydraulic hose from a commercial truck
  • A lady’s disposable razor
  • A handful of golf cleats
  • A wad of polyfill batting, which when you tug on it turns out to be a much-decayed comforter with a paisley pattern in aubergine, wrapped around a 20-lb box of sixpenny nails rusted into a solid block.
  • A large cleat such as those used for a dog leash, with a short length of frayed rope attached
  • A bone from a large mammal, possibly a deer.

Come back when you’re done. There’s LOT’S MORE!!

In other news:

Marsh cleared about a hectare of brush. That’s an exaggeration, but srsly. Her energy is transformative. More on this later.

IMG_4948   IMG_4946

We vanished even more of the ramshackle shack.

I got the porch about 70% organized as a sensible workroom for tools and materials going forward. This may be slightly awkward as we start work on the porch itself, but we can postpone that to the last. I can already tell that the chaos was inhibiting me, and that I’ll feel fresh impetus to get on with building tasks.


Simon and Annie hung out on tie-outs, and then in the pen again, and mercifully there was sun. They were quite happy and are tired tonight.

We dawdled our way to The Land this morning, stopping to:

  1. Get our Maine driver’s licenses (now with citizenship docs in hand! And not forged ones, neither!)
  2. Suck down a Starbucks oatmeal at the Gardiner rest stop
  3. Check out a steeply discounted gas-fired water heater at Sears, which we ended up buying…
  4. along with a steeply discounted gas cooktop and electric double wall oven! The appliances can wait to be picked up whenever we’re ready, and meanwhile I have downloaded the installation specs to incorporate into the floorplans. VERY excited.


Dawdled a bit on the way home, too, stopping to discover the location of the Unity public library which, it turns out, is in actuality the Unity College library. We did a drive-by, but may stop in tomorrow to check it out. College library = better hours than public library in a typical one-horse town. VERY excited again!

On return home got word that the camper we’re borrowing/renting is ready when we are!

Look out, Troy!