The Limits of Dysfunction, or, Hard Things Are Hard

Ouph, what a day.

First, we scheduled a midday outing to our storage pods — bad timing. We fritter the morning getting ready, then lose the heart of the day doing the chore, then get home cranky and tired and before we really accomplish much it’s dinner time.

Add: 6 cups of wailing cat, 6 tablespoons of cat-frustrated dog, scattered showers, a pinch of lack of direction, and mix well.

We did bring home a number of things we went for, including a scrabble board, some tools, a printer, some office supplies, and a lamp. We did not find useful summer clothes, garden seeds, or grass clippers.

We’re really quite beside ourselves about Sagan (said cat), but we have some new strategies in mind. It just may not be possible to integrate her into the household or with the dogs while we’re in the trailer. Meanwhile, she’s so gregarious she just cries and cries.

We know how to handle a day like today: stay open and communicate. We understand what’s blocking us, and we know what’s needed. Primarily a routine, and today was just a very broken way to start making one. We’ll do better tomorrow with an earlier start, no midday outings, and some activities to distract and tire out all the animals early so we can work with less distraction or at least less guilt.


I will start the wildlife diary, too. Today, a little red-bellied snake.