Kinda Crappy

Everything is the same. No problems that you don’t already know about. Well, maybe one.

But I was low energy and a bit glum. Maybe it was the sleet. Maybe it was the insomnia. Maybe I’m just a wuss and should just knuckle down and workworkwork.

Luckily I had Tim with me and when I lost myself between the front step and the dumpster I could still hear his drill whining away pulling sheet-rock screws. Ultimately we got ALL the sheet-rock down on both floors. And the dumpster wasn’t really “full” — as we added more wall board, it kept compressing the insulation underneath. Sort of like the miracle of the olive oil.

The weather was dank and cold. But I’m not one to complain.

I (finally) got up to look at what’s above the upstairs ceiling. Answer: Squirrel poop. And more layers of Fiberglas batting than I could shake a stick at. Three layers of R-19. It turns out the “ceiling” of pink foamboard insulation was/is overkill… so I will be taking it down (to address any/all rodent issues — are squirrels rodents?) and reusing it elsewhere, like in the basement, under the porch, etc.

All kidding aside — here’s the current critical path:

  1. Pull down all the remaining insulation (once we have a replacement dumpster in which to put it)
  2. Tally all the siding/planking that needs replacement for rot/mold
  3. Take down all associated outer vinyl siding and tyvek to access these work areas
  4. Replace said planking
  5. Replace vinyl siding
  6. Finish all fascia and edges of siding/roofing to prevent both rodent access and further water damage
  7. Independently, replace the load-bearing beam on the main floor.

Meanwhile the heating system is going in starting tomorrow (exciting!) and we will also ask the plumber to start at least testing the well and water heater.

So why the doldrums?

Maybe it was just the day. The waltz goes on.