Latest Hellrider Release

Episode 4 of Hellriders in Love, Through the End, is out now for Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

Sure, I’ve loved Dinah forever. Sure, we partner on desert runs ALWAYS.
She knows how I feel. If she wanted more she’d say so.
Wouldn’t she?

A secret egg in cargo has hatched in transit, but the powers-that-be still want the young dragon.

Veteran riders Charlie and Dinah are tapped to make the final delivery, but when guild elder Thea and her partner Lucy are also assigned, is it to help care for the beast, to keep tabs on Charlie and Dinah, or for some other purpose?

Deep in the hostile desert, Charlie and Dinah have decisions to make – a decision that could shatter the guild, and a decision that will make or break the bond between them.

Short reads, steamy romance, epic scope.

F/F relationships evoked in beautiful emotional writing, compelling scifi adventure.
Each novelette contains a new happily-ever-after in a continuing universe.
No cliffhangers.