“metaphorical weight off shoulders”

Thanks to Stephen D for tonight’s title.

For eight or ten consecutive to-do lists, I have intended to accomplish “bathroom floor, studs, and shims.”

Tonight, the item is crossed off!


This meant extending the plywood subflooring to the full extent of the (future) bathroom walls; putting up a few studs around where the shower controls and regulator will be; cutting out the floor for the tub drain system; and shimming out the studs on the other side to fit the design of the shower enclosure. DONE!

This means tomorrow we can insulate (the first NEW insulation installed of the rehab!), test fit and level the tub, and then tell our plumber Allan that we’re ready to proceed with the complete installation.

To have this done is a HUGE load off.

In other news: last time I talked about the design of the wall between the main floor and porch, and our desire to maximize the light and air from the porch. The picture I showed didn’t really convey the matter. This picture does:


We’ll happily crowdsource ideas (or send us Pinterest or Houzz links) for how to fill in this wall with a combination of wallboard, opening, door, window, pass-through, shelving, glass block, other innovative material, etc., in whatever combinations, proportions, designs, and components.

The only constraint is that the load-bearing post in the main floor (at the far left of the picture above) abuts the wall at about the midpoint, so the wall can’t be completely open at that point.

From the vantage point of the view shown above, the traffic patterns are: out and to the left to the stairs up to the second floor (bedroom and offices); and out and to the right to the main exit (front door).

Give us your ideas!