Mini Update


Among other things, we got a fence up around our baby vegetable garden:


The peas are extremely happy and we expect to harvest a bunch tomorrow in order to spur continuing crops. Even at half-size the peas and even the pods are so sweet and delicious right off the vine.

We also have three tomatoes at their earliest little green golf-ball stage, so we’re watching patiently. Obviously not the subsistence garden we aim for one day, but a start, as we learn our way around central Maine’s ecosystem, soils, climate, etc.

We love growing things.


More progress on the tub/shower! Neighbor/plumber Allan came over bright and early, and thank goodness I had achieved what I’d told him on Saturday we were aiming for! So we were completely ready, and together pulled the tub, and while he wrestled with the drain-overflow assembly I fastened the tub shims in place. Then we put the tub back in place, and I fastened it to the studs while Allan connected the drain in the basement. We also unpacked the water heater and set it up in position on blocks.

Then we placed the first (of two) stacking shower enclosure sections, fastened it, measured and marked for the shower fixtures, and I drilled out the necessary holes. Of course this first required a trip to the hardware store for a 1-7/8″ hole saw. Lastly I mounted the second, top enclosure section, and fastened it to the studs, too, with the requisite shims.


Allan will return tomorrow afternoon with some needed hardware, hook up the water lines, make progress with the water heater, and do whatever else we’re ready for. There’s a good chance we’ll have a functioning half-bathroom upstairs by the end of the week, and perhaps even odds that we’ll be able to take a hot shower or bath (may depend on an additional call by the electrician).


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