Episode 3 of Hellriders in Love, Through Death, is out now for Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

The bad news: Your partner’s dead. The guild wants you on the mission anyway.
The worse news: The cargo is a live dragon. Going alone is unthinkable.
The WTF: Your boss is coming along.

Lucy and Jess were lined up for the next hellrun, but Jess is gone. Into the vacancy slides guild leader Thea: tall, blonde, rich — and why is she even here?

The marsh is more demonic than usual, the dragon is bigger than a station cat and growing, and even as a ley mage, Lucy is lost in a world without her old partner.

But two hearts in sync are another kind of map, pointing the way to love, if she has only the courage to follow.

Short reads, steamy romance, epic scope.

F/F relationships evoked in beautiful emotional writing, compelling scifi adventure.
Each novelette contains a new happily-ever-after in a continuing universe.
No cliffhangers.

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