O Lucky One

Our life here revolves on three axes, roughly: transcription, which is our main source of income; “house & farm,” which is a huge category encompassing everything from daily chores to care for sheep, chickens, and a rabbit, to significant construction projects in the unfinished and ongoing renovation of the cottage; and finally, “creative,” which amongst ourselves we call Empire, because we are so prone to self-aggrandizement 😉

On a typical weekend day, transcription is often not a factor. The boss wangled a two-day weekend this week, so after a morning of gallivanting in town for a few necessaries (itself rare time together in the car to chitchat), we’re home getting a bite and the afternoon stretches in front of us.

And I realized I’m thinking about it as follows: we’ll do X, Y, and maybe Z (all exciting house & farm projects to improve our lives). And with any in-between moments, or later in the evening, I’ll be able to just kick back and chill! Which, to be clear, translates in my mind to “anything creative.”

It might be writing, editing, drawing, digital painting, design tutorials, updating our website … and how cool is this? How lucky am I? That the thing I want to do when I can literally do anything, including nap, eat, or watch cartoons, is create fiction and design book covers? Pretty lucky.