Okay, What’s Next?

Today, 6 p.m.:


Earlier Today, about 3 p.m.:


This Morning:


This Evening:


During The Day:

The LAST pieces of boarding board from the second lot of rough-sawn that we ordered from our local lumberyard, cut and ready to go up on the porch face.


In between working on the porch windows and wall, I got the vanity installed in the upstairs bathroom, so our plumber can come next week and complete the hookup.


Yes, that’s also the first wallboard up, taped and spackled. It doesn’t go all the way up because I like to do the ceiling before the wall, and we can’t do the ceiling until some further reinforcement is added to the trusses in the eave (plywood gussets as were done by Jaison on the other side of the room).

So… what IS next?

  • close up all remaining gaps and fissures (mostly between main house and porch)
  • patch some tyvek and flashing that has deteriorated, letting rain in
  • rerun some electrical wires inside some walls
  • insulate everywhere we can with all insulation on-hand
  • wallboard where possible over insulation
  • estimate and order remaining insulation and wallboard
  • get ready for final work by electrician (kitchen ovens, bathrom vent fan)
  • get ready for final work by gas installer (stovetop)
  • get ready for final work by plumber (kitchen and bathroom sinks)
  • order and install fridge
  • start demo and build-out of the wall between porch and living room
  • … and so much more…!!