Olivia Lark


Olivia Lark is a writer of lesbian romances with a historical setting, typically 1870-1895. 

Daisy Crown

Hazel and Katherine grow up as maidservant and mistress, but when Katherine returns to the homestead, newly widowed and a mother to two young girls of her own, Hazel assumes the role of maid again. But is a maid what Katherine wants of her? And can Hazel confine her feelings to a subservient role?

Or can they discover something different and far better than either of them ever dreamed possible, and make it a reality?

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Lavender Inn

Tillie’s double life is unraveling.  But trapped by a hurricane in a cosy seaside inn, survival comes first. Certainly she shouldn’t be distracted by the fascinating innkeeper, Clara.

Meanwhile Clara’s dream is faltering. A successful wedding party would have saved the family business, but the storm has dashed those hopes.

Can Lavender Inn withstand the gale? And as Clara and Tillie draw ever closer, can each provide what the other needs — not just love and comfort, but salvation from ruin?

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About the Author

Who am I?  I’m a wife, a mother, a daughter.  I’m a reader. I’m bisexual and that feels like the best of every world.  I love love. Love stories are some of the deepest realest stories any of us ever experience.  I love humor, and kindness, and surprise. Good people doing good things, happily ever afters and snow days and puppies.  I love puppies.

I love the surprise when you discover that the person you are attracted to likes you back.  I love the bravery of finding your soulmate.

I love love.  I hope I can share the tiniest bit of the love I’ve received in my life, with you, my readers.  Thank you for reading these stories.

– Olivia