OMG! Flying Squirrels! Squeee!


All the visible insulation in the picture above has been pulled down. The black streaks are where rodent “product” has leaked down in solid masses and cemented itself to the joists. (Sorry for the TMI moment.)

Above that first layer of insulation are two more layers of insulation.

ALL of it has been an undisturbed playground, outhouse, bedroom, and — one presumes — mating ground for a colony of flying squirrels for at least the past two years, and possibly much longer.


This fella fell out of the pink fiber, and scampered back up the wall, not before taking a good long look at the guy in goggles, gloves, and respirator (me).

I have to admit, even standing ankle-deep in its scat, he was about the cutest wild critter I’ve seen up close in a long time.

Here’s some of what they’ve left behind:


When all the rest of the pink stuff comes down tomorrow we may learn how much of a colony this really is. But plans are already afoot for sealing off the access points in the eaves. As for getting rid of them: investigating Maine practices. I don’t want to poison them, but our house is out of bounds.

Out of bounds, d’you hear?? Shoo!