Parker Jaysen

Parker Jaysen

Parker Jaysen is author of the Hellriders in Love series of lesbian romance novelettes.

Hellriders in Love

Four short reads, epic scope.

Lesbian mages of the future confront monsters, intrigue, and heartache.

Powerful magical warriors in pairs carry mystery cargos across a ravaged continent on daring stages of a high-stakes relay, in four connected novelettes.

Part I, Through Fire, is available around June 25, 2020.

Through Fire

A novelette set in the post-apocalyptic hellscape of Parker Jaysen’s Hellriders in Love series, Through Fire features Vick and Alice, estranged exes and powerful mages with specialized powers.

They’re looking at five weeks together in an armored carriage, and if they don’t snipe each other to death, they still have to face dragon flame and demon acid.

Resolving old hurts and speaking their hearts’ desires may not be impossible for a couple who are basically a battering ram and a fire extinguisher, but it’s going to take more than courage.

An exes-to-lovers lesbian romance with magic in a dystopian future.

Word Count: ~10,000 words