In 2018 we had a lovely potato harvest (Kennebec), about 50 lbs.

I let them cure 2-3 days, then stowed them in our basement, which keeps at 55% humidity and about 55 degrees F.

Unfortunately, the basement is not completely dark, though I sealed them from the light as well as I could.

But the real problem became that the basement is somewhat “out of sight, out of mind,” and by the time spring came around in 2019, we had barely consumed half of the bounty.

And because of a little bit of light leakage, the remaining tubers were well-sprouted, long tendrils snaking out like a basket of Medusa. The potatoes themselves were soft and wrinkly and a couple were rotted. They went to the compost, so it wasn’t a complete waste, but we vowed to do better this year.

In 2019 we harvested somewhat less, perhaps 35-40 lbs, and this time stowed them in light-safe containers in the kitchen. And crucially, whenever we felt like it, we cooked some. As you can imagine, 40 lbs. wouldn’t go far, and indeed we ate the very last ones just this week. So now we need to buy from the store, until September.

But I’m calling this a rousing success. We learned from our mistakes, and fed ourselves potatoes from the garden for almost 6 months.