Hellriders in Love – short reads, steamy romance, epic scope.

Two-woman teams relay a mystery cargo across a ravaged continent, defending themselves from demonic hazards with their magical abilities.

Four connected novelettes prove the truism that relationship stuff will always amplify during times of extreme hardship, grief, or urgency. Vick, Alice, Dorie, Jane, Lucy, Thea, Charlie, and Dinah – each a very real, complex warrior – will stay with you long after the monster fights, intrigue, and happily-ever-afters.

Episode 1: Through Fire

Vick and Alice are powerful mages – and estranged lovers. Their mission, get the cargo intact through flame, acid, and evil magic. That’s supposed to be the easy part.

But for Alice, being paired with her ex has ripped the scab off an old wound. Does she steel herself against a torment of frustration, or does she dare to bare her heart? Being wrong would break her.

Then the mission turns out to be not so easy after all.

An exes-to-lovers lesbian romance with magic in a dystopian future.

Episode 2: Through Ice

Dorie is “top gun” on the frozen lake, and being paired with a relative novice who needs to learn the ropes isn’t that big a deal – until Jane, with her rainbows and sparkle, waltzes on board and everything changes. Is she merely an ice tourist? Or is she after something more?

Dorie’s superpower is resisting distraction, but love, like the freeze itself, might have a mind of its own. And what’s that tapping coming from the cargo safe?

A teacher/student-to-lovers lesbian romance with magic in a dystopian future.

Episode 3: Through Death

Lucy and Jess were lined up for the next hellrun, but Jess is gone. Into the vacancy slides guild leader Thea: tall, blonde, rich — and why is she even here?

The marsh is more demonic than usual, the dragon is bigger than a station cat and growing, and even as a ley mage, Lucy is lost in a world without her old partner.

But two hearts in sync are another kind of map, pointing the way to love, if she has only the courage to follow.

An ice queen-to-lovers lesbian romance with magic and dragons in a dystopian future.

Episode 4: Through the End

A secret egg in cargo has hatched in transit, and the powers-that-be want the young dragon that emerged.

Veteran riders Charlie and Dinah are tapped to make the final delivery, but when guild elder Thea and her partner Lucy are also assigned, is it to help care for the beast, to keep tabs on Charlie and Dinah, or for some other purpose?

Deep in the hostile desert, Charlie and Dinah have decisions to make – a decision that could shatter the guild, and a decision that will make or break the bond between them.

A crush-to-lovers lesbian romance with magic and dragons in a dystopian future.

Watch for Amid Ruin, a full-length novel sequel to Hellriders in Love. Coming in 2021.

About the Author

Parker Jaysen – a team of two writing as one – loves real stories with real passion. They have always loved stories with spaceships and dragons, magic and mayhem.
They live and write in the woods somewhere in New England, where they watch for dragons every day.

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