But loft! What sight through yonder window breaks?

The loft above the new upstairs office is structurally complete, including a soffit to elevate a small section of flooring so that it clears a plumbing vent stack pipe. Next in that space is some wiring and lighting, insulation, and drywall, at which point it can assume its duty as a storage space, hopefully clearing much of the floor area below for continued work on the office and bedroom.

By the way, you may be wondering about its use as a loft. Our ultimate goal would be to put some proper flooring across it, a bank of cubby-style shelves along the back wall for yarn, etc., and be able to set up a cot or sleeping bag if someone wanted to sleep over. Not exactly a guest room, and probably not for anyone over the age of 18. Also, it overlooks the master bedroom. so, again, emphatically not a guest room as such.

But to that end, there will be power for charging devices, a railing for safety, and a cool custom retractable ladder to climb up there.