Ready for “Business”


Toilet bowl seated on new flange. It’s one of the original toilets from the house, cleaned up.


After attaching the tank and hardware. There’s no supply line yet, thus the buckets to refill the tank after flushing.

The plumber arrived bright and early (after being absent yesterday) and finished just what was needed to install the one toilet. Tomorrow I’ll try to post a picture of his beautiful piping in the basement. He made a very fair effort to keep the drain lines high enough so one doesn’t walk right into them from the bulkhead and clack one’s skull.

So I didn’t get the rest of the plywood subflooring down in the bathroom; my day became:

  1. Assist Allan with the plumbing, get a tour of the drain system when he was done, assure him I was capable of putting in the toilet myself
  2. Clear the greywater tank (again), so Marsh could wash her hair
  3. Go to Unity hardware store for the toilet parts
  4. Disassemble and clean the toilet
  5. Connect it, test it

Meanwhile Marsh wroght miracles in the trailer, organizing, stowing, consolidating, and planning.

This evening I took dogs for outs, and Annie spotted three marvelous deer in the back-forty. She went berserk as they bounded up and away across the far hill, to the property line and into the woods, their extravagant white tails erect and flying.