My father and architect John Johansen around 1985 (?), Michigan “Xanadu” on the shore of Lake Superior, nearing completion My dad and I were talking about weatherproofing, and he related a cool story. When he and my mom were building their gorgeous lakeside architect showpiece “Xanadu” in around 1985, he asked the lead contractor, “So, …

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My editor when I was Design Director for the Christian Science Monitor, the late Dick Cattani, took seriously the charge to manage the whole newspaper — not just the reportage and editing, not just the graphics and photography, not just the fonts and overall publication design — ALL of it, in concert. In today’s parlance, …

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Good Things

Enough about standing ankle-deep in flying squirrel poop — and yes, at times the poop was flying. Let me summarize a few things: Three weeks and one day after our closing, we have a fully installed and functional propane/warm air heating system. With the help of brother-in-law Tim, all the insulation is down out of …

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Kinda Crappy

Everything is the same. No problems that you don’t already know about. Well, maybe one. But I was low energy and a bit glum. Maybe it was the sleet. Maybe it was the insomnia. Maybe I’m just a wuss and should just knuckle down and workworkwork. Luckily I had Tim with me and when I …

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